Get out of my head.

What do you do with your ideas?

What do you do with your ideas?

With all the solutions to problems that come to you in the shower? With the worries that pop into your head before bed? With the things you don’t want to forget from the book you’re reading?

Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.

– David Allen, author of Getting Things Done.

I’ve read a lot on this topic. From articles, to books, to the Twitter threads where people share their own set-ups.

I’m currently in the process of adjusting the system that works well for me, and so I wanted to share with you what that looks like.

Ideas in.

Work out.

Building thoughts.

This is the bit I’m adding now.

Ideas in… I’m pulling in all my ideas, my notes, my sketches.

Work out… and I’m structuring my tasks in a way that means the right work gets done.

But what about the bigger picture. How do I help my notes become solid ideas? And how do I ensure the work I’m doing is supported by those ideas?

Evernote is a popular solution to these questions. I’ve tried it a few times and never really liked it. I’ve also recently taken a look at Notion and Roam, and ended up feeling more confused than when I started.

I’m going with Paper (from WeTransfer). I recently purchased it anyway, and I’m keen to get better at using it. I’ll build scrapbooks based around ideas, with images I find, doodles I draw, and text where required.

What matters to me.

I would love to hear what your system looks like, and any tips you have for what’s working well for you.