Survive or thrive?

On the battlegrounds of social media, a line has been drawn.

On the battlegrounds of social media, a line has been drawn.

One side will emerge from this in better shape than ever. They’ll be speaking French. Whilst juggling (and coding). The “thrivers’.

For the other side, emerging in one piece will be an achievement. The “survivors”.

While one side shames the other, and that shame fuels anger, what’s important to note is that both sides are right.

They share the same simple idea… doing what gets you through.

What’s more surprising still, is that these two sides of the argument (the juggling coders vs. the survivors) both need many of the same things.

The things we need to survive also allow us to thrive.

  • It’s not about learning French. It’s about developing an interest, working away on something you care about.
  • It’s not about getting ripped. It’s about looking after your health and feeling good each day.
  • It’s not about developing your cooking skills. It’s about eating well, which in turn helps you feel better.

One side doesn’t get to shame the other.

Your survival plan will probably look different to someone else’s. It will probably mean different things on different days.

Sometimes you need to emotionally recharge. Sometimes you need to be active. Sometimes you need to indulge your interests. Sometimes you need to just sit and be calm.

We have more in common than we think.

Whether our goal is to survive or thrive, we can still share ideas and help each other get through this.