What do I do?
Digital. Creatively.

Creativity means different things to different people. For me it’s about having the curiosity to see a problem without expectations. Without pre-judging the best route to the desired result. Forging the path is a journey I take with a vast digital toolkit. And a close network of specialist consultants. For all kinds of projects, for all kinds of clients.


Audience research
Customer surveys
Analytics and data analysis
Website heatmaps


Digital strategy
Marketing strategy
Brand identity
Verbal identity
Behaviour design and environment design


Website design and development
Email marketing
Social media
User interface creation


Conversion rate optimisation
A/B testing


Unlock digital expertise within your organisation

Who do I work with?

I have worked with Tate, NHS Wales, Learna Ltd and many more. As I learn more about child psychology, I want to use my digital skillset to specialise. Helping organisations, brands and businesses improve the lives of children and young people. Connecting with experts. Changing futures.

Why me?
Because my skillset is unique.

The journey begins at the turn of the millennium. I taught myself to design and develop websites – aged 14. Once I realised I could earn money from it, I started Warehouse Media. We won a few awards. In 2007 I co-founded the tech start up Reserve – an online booking and holiday let management platform. Within two years we were processing millions of pounds of bookings per annum.

Flash forward five years to 2012. Spurred by the Games Makers that contributed to the London Olympics, I wanted to devote time to volunteering – and started working with children. I was struck by the rich mix of personalities. How children could be so different outside school. It unlocked an urgent hunger to learn about child psychology.

Today I have keen understanding of neurodivergence in children. The stress response. The Discover-Defend axis. I am also the proud foster parent of three amazing kids. My ambition is to connect with others to improve children’s lives through digital projects. And I have a unique skillset to make it happen.